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Eclipse Crashing for No Good Reason - A few tips might help

Eclipse is currently a necessary evil. I'm using it only because I haven't found anything better yet. It is big, bloated, heavy, slow with many hidden windows and hard to configure. But, it have many plugins, like PHP ( PDT ), it works with Android and Java of course, have a decent intellisense and auto-complete. Eclipse is probably the most common IDE for open-source environment. Yet, the biggest problem, and I am not the only one having it, is that eclipse suddenly crashes, open the splash screen and then close with no good reason. How to determine why does eclipse crashes and how to fix it ? Here is a list of things that I have done in order to overcome it. Yet, I still don't know how to debug why eclipse crash. Reinstall: First of all, let's remove eclipse installation: sudo apt-get autoremove eclipse* --purge Remove eclipse plugins: rm -rf  /usr/lib/eclipse Delete the workspace: rm -rf ./workspace Delete each project and proje