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They all need to go after 7th of October


List of software and apps that does not require registration and just works

List of software and apps that does not require registration and just works out of the box without too many ads and without need to registrations. The list of applications for Android and Linux desktop that just do the work they need to do. Nothing more. Nothing less. K-9 Email Mail for Android Otomusic - music mp3 player application for Android    

Writing a json to smtp email proxy in go (golang) json2smtp

I wrote a json2smtp proxy server that can be self hosted in Go (golang) See here:   The reason why I needed to write an email proxy was because I was called to do some maintenance on an old legacy system. This system was running on Windows Server 2012, with php version 5.5.6 and Apache 2.4. Very old versions of software. The system was sending emails using the php smtp package and old libssl.dll which supports only TLSv1.0. The smtp service they were using (AWS SES Simple Email Service) has recently dropped the support for SMTP connection via TLS version 1.0. Now in order to support TLS v1.2 for emails on smtp I have to upgrade the whole system. Windows version, php version, Apache version and more - this would have taken me a very long time with many obstacles on the way. Amazon support: security-protocols.html The solution I have chosen was to write this proxy, so calls fro

Taking a screenshot and creating thumbnail of webpage html as an image via command line

There are a few options to take screenshot of a webpage or save a webpage as an image on the disk via the command line. This can allow you to create a thumbnail of a web site easily by one command on the terminal.   Using chrome to save a webpage as an image: chrome --screenshot=google.png --headless --window-size=1024,768    Using cutycapt to screenshot a webpage:   Using webkit2png to create site thumbnail:   You can also use Midori browser