Saturday, March 7, 2020

Firefox notifications permissions fix for non secured domains (http and not https)

I had a running internal service inside an organization intranet. We wanted to allow notifications (web notifications) but we couldn't. In order to allow notifications for website and domains, both Firefox and Chrome requires https. Quite annoying since it is an Intranet inside the organization.

Trying to install a self-sign certificate or a signed certificate inside the organization (where there is no outside internet connectivity) it's really a pain in the a** and does not work well - and if you ask me it should be much easier and simple than it is.

I found a nice bypass workaround to allow notifications from websites and domains without SSL, hence http:// and not https:// for Firefox.

Firefox holds a file inside the Mozilla directory called permissions.sqlite which is a sqlite database file that holds the permissions for domains. You can add your domain there http://yourdomainname with permissions for notifications and it will work.

I have created a demonstration for Windows here in go (golang)

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